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Player Results: Mike Chenery

Mike Chenery
Wherstead Meteors 6-4 Pickwicks Stowmarket
lost to Philip Dunnett
beat Malcolm Peers
Pickwicks Stowmarket 9-1 Britannia Buzzards
beat Matthew Kirby
lost to Liam Jones
beat Glenn Stevenson
Wherstead Novas 8-2 Pickwicks Stowmarket
lost to Willie Buttigieg
lost to Dave Godbold
beat Suzanne Suckling
Pickwicks Stowmarket 8-2 Britannia Wrens
lost to Michael Talbot
beat George Earle
Pickwicks Stowmarket 5-5 Wherstead Meteors
beat Malcolm Peers
lost to Philip Dunnett
lost to Colin Watts
Pickwicks Stowmarket 8-2 ISC D
beat Geoff Crank
beat George Pearce
beat Roger Garrod
Pickwicks Stowmarket 2-8 Kingsfleet
lost to Sylvain Floury
lost to Leslie Glanfield
beat Leslie Jones