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Player Results: John Gillett

John Gillett
Rosary Blue 13-24 Trimley A
lost to David Alford 0:3
lost to Martin Bozier 2:3
lost to Terry May 1:3
ISC A 29-11 Rosary Blue
lost to Brian Page 0:3
lost to Derek Bloomfield 0:3
lost to Barry Burns 1:3
Rosary Blue 11-27 BT Ansons
lost to Dave Fiddeman 1:3
lost to Basim Majeed 1:3
lost to Barry Stuckey 2:3
Capel C 15-20 Rosary Blue
beat John Colvin 3:1
lost to Peter Armes 1:3
beat Richard Tatton 3:2
Wherstead Comets 20-23 Rosary Blue
beat Chris Smith 3:1
beat Paul Phelan 3:1
beat Dave Godbold 3:2
BT Gladiators 30-9 Rosary Blue
lost to James Fulker 1:3
lost to Sam Broadbent 0:3
lost to Daniel Farrow 0:3
Rosary Blue 13-23 Wherstead Tornados
lost to Ashley Phillips 1:3
lost to John Clarke 0:3
beat Martin Chamberlain 3:0
Trimley A 27-8 Rosary Blue
lost to Rex Manning 0:3
lost to Terry May 1:3
lost to David Alford 0:3
Hadleigh A 21-15 Rosary Blue
lost to Mike Emmerson 1:3
lost to Kenny Lewis 0:3
beat Peter Wright 3:0
Pickwicks Stowmarket A 21-18 Rosary Blue
lost to David Gough 1:3
lost to Jimmy Tindle 2:3
beat Mark Thorpe 3:1