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Player Results: Basim Majeed

Basim Majeed
Pickwicks Stowmarket A 6-4 BT Ansons
lost to Andy Bennett
beat Mark Cook
beat Jimmy Tindle
BT Ansons 5-5 Trimley A
beat Tony Puerto
lost to David Alford
lost to Martin Bozier
BT Ansons 3-7 Britannia Swifts
lost to Brice Ah-Yionne
lost to Tomasz Zapala
lost to Martin Tomes
BT Ansons 5-5 BT Wulfs
beat Chris Reeves-Croft
lost to Steve Branton
lost to Conrad Simons
Hadleigh A 3-7 BT Ansons
lost to Mike Emmerson
lost to Steve Holland
beat Peter Wright
BT Ansons 5-5 ISC A
lost to Ian Westlake
lost to Keith Potter
lost to Barry Burns
BT Ansons 4-6 Otley Otters
beat Jimmy Cheong
lost to David Gaught
beat Lawrence Cobbold
BT Wulfs 4-6 BT Ansons
lost to Steve Branton
lost to Trevor Read
beat Mark Tucker
nothing here!