Moving away. Jan 2021

After many years playing table tennis in Ipswich Tony Heath, Rosary Club Secretary, has decided to move away. He will be going to live in a village called Badby which is near Daventry to be closer to his children.

If anyone would like to get in contact with Tony, you can on his email:


Good luck in the Daventry League Tony! “

IDTTL - Season 20/21. Jan 2021

We hope you are all keeping well and safe. As we are now in our 3rd national lockdown, this again delays our plans to restart any form of competitive league table tennis in Ipswich. With this in mind the committee has decided that it will not be feasible to attempt a start to the Winter league before September 2021. We will also plan to hold an AGM to celebrate the winners of the 19/20 season.

Prior to the league starting there maybe opportunities that allow you to play table tennis - and possibly to compete. We will communicate anything that Britannia or of course any of our other Clubs are able to offer.

We realise this is frustrating time for everyone. We have to follow the guidelines from the various national bodies (i.e. Government, Public Health England, Sport England, or Table Tennis England).

Stay safe everyone““



David Mann. Sep 2020

David Mann

Words by Andrew Mann

It is with sadness that I inform you of the death of my Father, former Ipswich and Suffolk champion David Mann.

He loved his Table Tennis although he hadn’t played for a number of years. One of the original fundraisers for the Britannia Dome, some of you will remember him from the ‘good old days’ whilst others from the weekends traipsing around tournaments with me and my brother.

He had battled a brain tumour since 2016, but fortunately was on good form until June before dying peacefully at home on 4th September.


Our thoughts are with his family, former teammates and friends at this sad time x

New 20/21 Season. Jul 2020

Further to our recent online Commitee meeting, your feedback, and the more recent announcement by Table Tennis England. We have decided as a Committee to delay the start of our 20/21 Season until January 2021 (if it is safe to do so). The format for this Season will remain the same with the slight change of no doubles. Matches will be won or lost on the evening. This additional time will also allow for any cleaning that will need to be done. We would aim for this season to run January - May. Depending on number of teams entered etc...

We have made this decision as the feedback we received from many Clubs is that some venues are not ready for use and many players are not ready to return to play at the moment.

In the meantime, Britannia Table Tennis Club are kindly offering to host a 'Summer' League from September - December. Players can play in any team, meaning those without their normal full team can still participate. The aim of this is to get players back playing who feel that want to return and to be a fun social way back to table tennis! Due to the size of Britannia, spaces will be limited, but we hope will cater for all that want to play.

Further Details:

Who can play?
Existing league players/ Club members (some exceptions will be made - returning players / players who've played previous summer league's)

Will it be a Handicapped League?
This will depend on the response, if Britannia have enough interest to divide into ability then it may run like a normal.

How do we enter?
Entry forms will appear on the BTTC website in due course or call Sean Gridley to secure a team. Mobile: 07879 408092.

TBC but will be minimal

When will it be held?
Nights offered will be Mon/Tues/Weds. You can request a night but this cannot be guaranteed. We would suggest offering an order of preference.

Britannia's website:

Click here

Table Tennis England Update. Jul 2020

In case you haven’t seen, further to the government’s latest update please see attached link from Table Tennis England.

Corona Virus - update. Jul 2020

Sadly there is no further update on when we can start the new season. Government advice still does not allow indoor sport in community centres, sports halls etc.. so for the time being even though these premises can open from the 4th July, Table Tennis England have been told that this advice will not change until, at least, the middle of July, even then there may be some restrictions. Therefore, we cannot make any firm decision as to how and when we might start playing League table tennis in Ipswich, although we would hope to do so as soon as is practically (and safely) possible.

Please see attached link for further information:

Click here!

Jamie Webb. Jun 2020

Words by Nicholas Anthony.

It is with great sadness to let know that Jamie Webb who played for us (Wherstead Tornados) last season has passed away after a brave battle with cancer.

Jamie previously played for Trimley and Britannia.

He will be remembered by the table tennis family as a sporting and tough opponent who was easy going and friendly.

He was also a very good friend of mine.
He leaves his wife, Jenny and daughters Suzanne and Ellen as well as grandchildren.
Our thoughts are with his family at this very sad time.

Our thoughts are with his family, friends and teammates ’”


Dear Club/Team Secretaries,

I hope you all are well and staying safe during this difficult time.

On Monday the IDTTL Committee had our first virtual meeting to discuss a number of issues that needed decisions to be made.

As follows:
Current 19/20 Season
Handicap Cup 19/20
Championships 19/20
2020/2021 Season
After lengthy discussions the following was agreed:

Current 19/20 Season
The current 19/20 season has now finished. This was felt to be the safest decision for everyone concerned, also factoring in that we don’t know when we will be playing again and also the high percentage of games that have been played in each division.

The Winners of each divisions are as follows, many congratulations!!

Premier Division: St Margaret’s Aces
Division 1: Britannia Swifts
Division 2: BT Gladiators
Division 3: ISC B

The committee will be in contact soon about what team prize you would like. The Player of the Division Award will still be run, get your votes in! All trophies for this Season along with the Dorris Fox and Jim Kenworthy Award will be given out at our annual AGM.

Handicap Cup 19/20
Brian and the Committee agreed that sadly this cup will be void for this season. Thank you to all those that took part.

Championships 19/20
Sadly there will be no 19/20 Championships. James, the Treasurer is happy to take the entry fee money paid off next seasons player registrations or next seasons championship entry. If you would like your money back sooner, please let him know. Email:

This will be postponed until January 2021, or until such a time that it is safe to meet.

This will be held when safe, prior to the new 2020/2021 season starting. Allowing time for divisions, player registrations and fixtures to be worked out.

2020/2021 Season
Will start when indoor sport is permitted after the AGM. New divisions will be formed as normal after all the team registrations have been received.

IDTTL Committee
We are sad to say that Rosemary Curtis has stepped down as our Safeguarding Officer. We are all very grateful for her valuable input and support over the past 5 seasons. I am sure that you will join us in thanking her for all her hard work.

Geoff Crank is now our Vice-Chairman, with Sean Gridley stepping up as Chairman until such a time where a new Chairman can be voted in.

We are looking for an U21 representative and also representatives from Division 1 and Division 3 respectively to join our committee. To share their views and have an input into how the league is run.

If any of these roles are of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

Finally, stay safe and we really hope to see you all soon!

Rumour Mill

  • The following waiver of ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 is to allow the staging of handicap competitions, hard bat tournaments etc. The waiver is not intended to cover the normal league competition, only an "additional competition". Under ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 all Competitive Table Tennis must, subject to any waiver granted, be played under the ETTA Approved Laws of Table Tennis, which are at present as set out in this leaflet.

    National Council resolution dated 9th July 1994 under Rule (1994/5) 42.7.1, to remain in force until further resolution, states: "Any County Association, Local League or club may, without specific permission, organise and conduct an additional competition or competitions solely among its own members and players on a knock-out basis , wherein the normal provisions of the Approved Laws are varied in one or more of the following ways:

    (1) by reducing or increasing the number of points required to win a game, either for all players or differentially under a system of handicaps

    (2) by restricting the type of racket covering or by otherwise diverging from the normal requirements as to equipment."

    To answer Adrian Clarke's suggestion of finding a method to allow people to play 21pt matches without breaching the ETTA regulations, we find the above WAIVER quite restrictive:
    We cannot run a 'league' type event, it must be knock-out.
    The event must come second to the main 11 pt league - this effectively means that players must be registered and involved in the main league.

  • Being a regular cleaner of his bat, the Registration Sec' was challenged the other night for cleaning his bat between games of a match. In such a situation there's only one person to ask... Chairman Bert with his umpire blazer on. Bert ruled that there is no regulation against cleaning your bat. Footnote: The magic cleaning fluid was none other than good old Suffolk tap water bor.
  • The three week grace afforded teams to play outstanding matches at the end of the season will be enforced so that matches played after that date will not count for the final league table.
  • The Ipswich league is currently trying to increase the number of people playing the league, especially those of a younger age group. Players usually enter the lower divisions of the league at an age of 13 - 14, however, by that time they will have been playing non-league Table Tennis for a couple of years and the earlier they start the easier it is to improve. Having said that, the league welcomes players of all ages.
  • In the summer of 2000, the ETTA decided to follow the ITTF ruling on using a larger 40mm ball, as opposed to the existing 38mm ball. If you are just starting or about to get into playing again after a break, you might want to check you're using the right size. The larger ball is easier to see and is slightly slower. Great for the old'ns!.
  • Another rule change of note for those who haven't played for a while, is the one concerning bats and the rubbers. Without getting into the finer points, it basically means those playing league and competition games have to play with a Red rubber on one side and Black on the other of the bat. If you are a pimple rubber user, you will need to check the current legal pimple types, (the old grass type pimple is out!).
  • Still trying to perfect that ultimate serve that no one can return? Watch out because the ball has to be visible to the opponent for the whole of the serve. No dangling the free arm in front of the ball!
  • Think the 40mm ball is big?. In Japan 44mm balls are making an impact - will we see the same?
  • Do you keep your tracksuit on until you are properly warmed up, i.e about the middle of the first game. Soon you may have to start the warm up clothed in the manner you wish to complete the whole game.