Players Player of the division voting. Jun 2022

Dear All,

The Players Player of the division voting is open! And you can vote on our website.

A reminder of what this is for:

Players Player of the Division Voting
Each League registered player can vote for another player in their division for this award. This can be a vote for a player that has played well against you, the most improved, a recognition of consistent performance over the season or even just a great win!
The trophies for these awards will be given out at the annual AGM at the end of the Season.

The winners will be announced at this year's AGM.
Further details for the AGM to follow, in the next few days!

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Handicap Cup Winners. May 2022

Match Report:

This year the final of the Handicap Shield could not have been closer. The final between Pickwicks ‘B' Mark Thorpe, Mark Cook/Michael Chenery and Graham Goodwin and Pickwicks ‘C' Mark Beaumont, Johnny Clougherty and Ray Perry went down to the last game with 1 point separating the 2 teams at the end, Pickwicks ‘C' winning 341 to 340.

Tragedy struck the ‘B' team in game 2 when Mark Cook suffered a hamstring injury. He carried on in pain, managing to draw that game, but in game 5, Marks second visit to the table, he went down21-15 which switched the lead in favour of the ‘C' team.

At this point Mark could not continue and it was decided by discussions between the 2 teams and organiser that Michael Chenery would substitute for Mark Cook. From this point on it was nip and tuck with the lead changing hands between the teams. After the 3 doubles games however, Pickwicks ‘C' established the lead and extended it to 8 points after the 3rd game of the second half. This was hauled in during the next 2 games and Pickwicks ‘B' took the lead only for it to be reversed, so that by the last game Pickwicks ‘C' led by 2 points. Despite a valiant effort by Graham Goodwin in the last game Johnny Clougherty hung on to only give away 1 point.

Brian Blagden
IDTTL Handicap Organiser

Handicap Shield. Mar 2022

🏆 Handicap Shield Update!

The Semi Finals draw is:

Wherstead Tornadoes v Pickwicks ‘B’ and Pickwicks ‘C’ v Britannia Ravens

Congratulations to them all for getting this far!

Handicap Shield. Mar 2022

🏆 Handicap Shield Update!

The Semi Finals draw is:

Wherstead Tornadoes v Pickwicks ‘B’ and Pickwicks ‘C’ v Britannia Ravens

Congratulations to them all for getting this far!

Fixtures Amendments. Oct 2021

Please note that the following amendments have been made since Fixtures were released :-
Claydon B - Premier Division - Match Night - Monday
Hadleigh Owls - Division 2 - Match Night - Thursday
Trimley A - Division 1 - Match Night - Tuesday
Trimley B - Division 2 - Match Night - Tuesday

Divisions for 2021/22 Season!. Oct 2021

Divisions have been released for the new 21/22 Season!

As follows:

Premier Division x 9
St Margaret Aces
Rosary Red
Britannia Ravens
Britannia Eagles
Capel B
Claydon B
BT Bats
Britannia Falcons
Britanna Swifts

Division 1 x 11
St Margaret Kings
BT Ansons
Wherstead Tornados
Trimley A
Hadleigh A
Pickwicks Stowmarket A
BT Gladiators
Rosary Blue
Wherstead Comets (New Name TBC)
Capel C

Division 2 x 12
Britannia Petrels
Rosary Yellow
Rosary Green
Wherstead Meteors
Britannia Wrens
Trimley B
Pickwicks Stowmarket B
Britannia Cormorants
Hadleigh Owls
Britannia Buzzards
Pickwicks Stowmarket C

New Committee Member. Sep 2021

We would like to welcome Peter Armes to our Committee as League 2 representative!
If anyone would like to be a representative for Division 1 or Division 3 - get in contact!

Rumour Mill

  • The following waiver of ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 is to allow the staging of handicap competitions, hard bat tournaments etc. The waiver is not intended to cover the normal league competition, only an "additional competition". Under ETTA Rule (2003/4) 57.1 all Competitive Table Tennis must, subject to any waiver granted, be played under the ETTA Approved Laws of Table Tennis, which are at present as set out in this leaflet.

    National Council resolution dated 9th July 1994 under Rule (1994/5) 42.7.1, to remain in force until further resolution, states: "Any County Association, Local League or club may, without specific permission, organise and conduct an additional competition or competitions solely among its own members and players on a knock-out basis , wherein the normal provisions of the Approved Laws are varied in one or more of the following ways:

    (1) by reducing or increasing the number of points required to win a game, either for all players or differentially under a system of handicaps

    (2) by restricting the type of racket covering or by otherwise diverging from the normal requirements as to equipment."

    To answer Adrian Clarke's suggestion of finding a method to allow people to play 21pt matches without breaching the ETTA regulations, we find the above WAIVER quite restrictive:
    We cannot run a 'league' type event, it must be knock-out.
    The event must come second to the main 11 pt league - this effectively means that players must be registered and involved in the main league.

  • Being a regular cleaner of his bat, the Registration Sec' was challenged the other night for cleaning his bat between games of a match. In such a situation there's only one person to ask... Chairman Bert with his umpire blazer on. Bert ruled that there is no regulation against cleaning your bat. Footnote: The magic cleaning fluid was none other than good old Suffolk tap water bor.
  • The three week grace afforded teams to play outstanding matches at the end of the season will be enforced so that matches played after that date will not count for the final league table.
  • The Ipswich league is currently trying to increase the number of people playing the league, especially those of a younger age group. Players usually enter the lower divisions of the league at an age of 13 - 14, however, by that time they will have been playing non-league Table Tennis for a couple of years and the earlier they start the easier it is to improve. Having said that, the league welcomes players of all ages.
  • In the summer of 2000, the ETTA decided to follow the ITTF ruling on using a larger 40mm ball, as opposed to the existing 38mm ball. If you are just starting or about to get into playing again after a break, you might want to check you're using the right size. The larger ball is easier to see and is slightly slower. Great for the old'ns!.
  • Another rule change of note for those who haven't played for a while, is the one concerning bats and the rubbers. Without getting into the finer points, it basically means those playing league and competition games have to play with a Red rubber on one side and Black on the other of the bat. If you are a pimple rubber user, you will need to check the current legal pimple types, (the old grass type pimple is out!).
  • Still trying to perfect that ultimate serve that no one can return? Watch out because the ball has to be visible to the opponent for the whole of the serve. No dangling the free arm in front of the ball!
  • Think the 40mm ball is big?. In Japan 44mm balls are making an impact - will we see the same?
  • Do you keep your tracksuit on until you are properly warmed up, i.e about the middle of the first game. Soon you may have to start the warm up clothed in the manner you wish to complete the whole game.