IDTTL -- Divisional Team Champions

As you can see, there are a few gaps in these lists. If you have records for the missing years, i.e. Past Handbooks, please let us know.

YearPremierDivision 1Division 2Division 3Division 4Division 5Division 6Division 7Division 8
2023St Margarets AcesCapel BBritannia WrensRosary Green
2022St Margarets AcesBT GladiatorsBritannia Petrels
2020St Margarets AcesBritannia SwiftsBT GladiatorsISC B
2019Rosary RedBT Bright StarsOtley OttersRosary Yellow
2018Britannia FalconsSt Margarets Manor BHadleigh ABT Defiants
2017Britannia FalconsBT HurricanesISC BWherstead Novas
2016Britannia FalconsISC AOtley OttersRosary Green
2015Rosary RedCapel BBritannia EaglesWherstead Novas
2014Britannia FalconsPhoenix VipersFelixstowe TriersRosary Yellow
2013Britannia FalconsWherstead TornadosBritannia EaglesBritannia Merlins
2012Britannia FalconsBritannia Bald EaglesISC 'C'BT Defiants
2011Britannia FalconsBT WulfsHadleigh 'A'ISC 'C'
2010Britannia FalconsCapel St PeterBaths Hall SC 'A'BT Hurricanes
2009Britannia FalconsBT WulfsBT B52sCapel St. James
2008Norbridge SCBritannia HawksCapel Saints 'A'BT Defiants
2007Norbridge SCCapel 'A'Capel 'B'Hadleigh Owls
2006Norbridge SCTrimley 'B'Trimley 'C'St. Margarets 'D'
2005Rosary RedBritannia RavensHadleigh 'A'Brit GullsHadleigh Condors
2004Trimley 'A'Washbrook CobrasNorbridge RocketsIpswich Sports Club 'B'Lloyds Colts
2003Claydon 'A'Norbridge Sports clubIpswich Hospitals 'B'Britannia BlackbirdsNorbridge 'B'
2002Britannia EaglesLloyds StallionsNorbridge Sports ClubSidegate Lane 'B'Britannia Merlins
2001Britannia EaglesSidegate Lane 'A'WillisNorbridgeRosary Yellow
2000Britannia 'A'HelminghamRosary BrownBT FulmersBritannia RavensBritannia Larks
1999St Margarets 'A'Sidegate Lane 'A'Britannia HawksBT KitesKingsfleet 'A'Hadleigh 'B'
1998St Margarets 'B'HelminghamSuffolk County Council GaldiatorsBT BlackbirdsPort of Felixstowe 'B'Ipswich Sports Club 'D'
1997St Margarets 'B'BT WulfsRosary RedPort of Felixstowe 'B'BT BlackbirdsWoodbridge
1996Trimley 'A'Trimley 'C'Crane 'A'Port of Felixstowe 'B'Port of Felixstowe 'D'BT Blackbirds
1995St Margarets 'A'HelminghamCrane/Mallards 'A'Trimley 'C'Ipswich Hospitals 'D'Ipswich Hospitals 'C'Eastern Electric Rebels
1994St Margarets 'A'Ransomes 'A'Ipswich Hospitals 'B'Ipswich Sports Club 'A'BT KitesKingsfleet
1993BT WulfsBritannia KestrelsBT GladiatorsPort of FelixstoweIpswich Sports Club 'A'St Margarets 'C'Ipswich Sports Club 'B'Kingsfleet 'C'
1992BT WulfsHadleigh RomansP&O Ferries 'A'Ipswich Hospitals 'B'Suffolk fire ServiceIpswich Sports ClubSuffolk County Council 'D'Hospitals 'D'Debenham L.C

YearPremierDivision 1Division 2ADivision 2BDivision 3ADivision 3BDivision 4ADivision 4BDivision 5ADivision 5BDivision 6ADivision 6B
1991Britannia 'A'Eastern Electric AsteriodsBabergh AlphaBritannia BuzzardsNeedham PAKingsfleet 'D'Rosary BrownABC ContainersClaydon CavaliersSt Margarets 'C'
1990Britannia 'A'Capel 'A'GRE BanditsLloyds Bank 'A'MartleshamIpswich Hospitals 'B'Suffolk County Council 'B'Kingsfleet 'D'ABC ContainersIpswich Sports Club 'A'
1989Britannia 'A'Britannia PhoenixTrimely 'F'Britannia BuzzardsP&O Ferries 'B'Britannia HarriersWalton Containers 'C'Suffolk County Council 'C'Kingsfleet 'D'GRE Dynamos
1988Britannia 'A'Ransomes 'A'Claydon CrusadersBT GladiatorsBT BulldogsIpswich Hospitals 'B'Capel 'C'Kingsfleet 'A'YMCA PanthersSuffolk County Council 'C'Kingsfleet 'C'
1987Britannia 'A'Trimley 'B'Townsend Thoresen 'A'BT AnsonsEADT MercuryWillis Faber 'A'TaxesBT BulldogsCapel 'D'Debenham AcesHadleigh 'C'
1986Britannia 'A'Ipswich Hospitals 'A'Walton Container 'B'Britannia BuzzardsElmsett 'A'Townsend Thoresen 'A'Claydon AlstonsFelixstowe CustomsElmsett 'B'Conservative club 'A'Rosary BrownRansomes 'D'
1985Britannia 'A'Eastern Electric AsteriodsVolvo VikingsHadleigh 'A'Britannia HarriersFisons 'A'Townsend Thoresen 'C'East Anglian FreightBritannia Nat-WestElectric AliensLoco Sports Club 'C'Suffolk Fire Service 'B'
1984Britannia 'A'Capel Sports 2Britannia BuzzardsEastern Electric AsteriodsSt Margarets 'B'BT CometsEADT MercuryBritannia RavensKesgrave Y.C 'A'Townsend 'C'Legal & GeneralEast Anglian Freight
1981Britannia 'A'Rosary RedTrinityBSP GreenCapel CougarsBaylham 'A'Trimley 'F'Volvo VikingsTownsend Thoresen 'D'GRE 'C'EADT RedTownsend Thoresen 'F'
1980Britannia 'A'Sidegate Lane 'B'Post Office Research 'C'Capel LionsBull MotorsEdwardstone 'B'Post Office Research 'E'Volvo ExilesTrinityHadleigh 'A'Blue Serpents
1979Rosary BlueBritannia BuzzardsRansomes 'A'Willis Faber 'A'Department of Employment 'A'Ipswich Hospital 'B'Trimley 'D'Townsend Thoresen 'D'Post Office Research 'E'Fisons 'C'
1978Rosary BlueGuardian Royal 'B'Sidegate LaneDepartment of HealthTrimley 'B'Willis, Faber & Dumas 'A'Bull Motors 'B'Legal & GeneralBabergh 'D'Trimley 'F'