IDTTL -- Individual Champions

As you can see, there are a few gaps in these lists. If you have records for the missing years, i.e. Past Handbooks, or know the first names of some of the players, please let us know.

2013Ryan CollinsAimee SparkesRex Manning
2012Jake CollinsLauren Spink William Hall
2011Jake CollinsClaire LoweElliot Branton
2010Neil CharlesClaire LoweStuart Wadsworth
2009Ryan CollinsClaire LoweAndy Mann
2008Ryan CollinsSian CookGraham Mortimer
2007Ryan CollinsAmiee SparkesRohit Kumar
2006Charlie FulcherVickey GrayColin Bennett
2005Richard HutchinsonClaire LoweMartin Lewis
2004Andy WarnerVickey GrayDarren Earrey
2003Andy WarnerVickey GrayJimmy Farrow
2002Andy DosherSonja TalbotGlenn Barnes
2001Richard HutchinsonRebecca SparkesNigel Nodder
2000Andy DosherRebecca SparkesKenny Lewis
1999Andy DosherClaire LoweA.Clarke
1998Richard HutchinsonVickey GrayJohn Tallent
1997Wayne ShawRebecca SparkesJohn Tallent
1996D.ShahRebecca SparkesCarl Ashton
1995Richard HutchinsonElizabeth RhemR.Mann
1994Barry ThainKaren PerkinsJohn Tallent
1993Richard TannerKaren PerkinsNigel Howe
1992Richard TannerRosemary BullockD.Wood
1991Richard NelhamsRosemary BullockDave Williams
1990Richard NelhamsAndrea AmbroseJimmy Farrow
1989John KitchenerAndrea AmbroseWayne Shaw
1988John KitchenerAndrea AmbroseD.Boatman
1987John KitchenerAndrea AmbroseDarren Earrey
1986John KitchenerSue WelhamPeter White
1985John KitchenerSue WelhamRichard Haggar
1984John KitchenerY.BrownTerry Betts
1983Chris ShepherdSue WelhamNigel Hodder
1982Chris ShepherdJ.DowsettAndy Dosher
1981John KitchenerJ.DowsettK.Brown
1980Chris ShepherdJ.DowsettCharlie Fulcher
1979John KitchenerSue WelhamG.Mortimer
1978John KitchenerLinda CunnellPeter White
1974John KitchenerM CollingsHans Fleck